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How I Got One of the World's Last 20th Anniversary PS4s

Like many hopeful gamers, I spent the majority of December 6, 2014 waiting for an opportunity to buy a 20th Anniversary PS4. Like many, it didn't work out for me. But after a long ordeal, it did. What gives?

During the ordering process, I got to the point of inputting my payment info several times. One fateful attempt saw Sony take the funds from my PayPal account; I got the email from PayPal and assumed all was right with the world. The problem? No email from Sony came confirming my order. I began to worry, so I called customer service.


The customer service rep I spoke to told me that while, yes, Sony had authorized my account for the full amount of my purchase, there had been no order generated and thus I would not be getting a 20th Anniversary PS4. They were already sold out.


I was upset. I had spent hours trying to get an order to go through and even longer on hold waiting to find out I was out of luck. I made sure to keep my cool though, after all, it's not the customer service rep's fault, and they have a pretty rough job after all. Once I found out my order wasn't going to work out, I promptly contacted PayPal for help canceling the payment. With my hopes dashed, my saga was over, or so I thought.


A couple weeks later, on New Year's Eve I found an email sitting in my inbox. It was from Sony Customer Service, in response to a ticket they opened on my behalf. A customer service rep was asking if I wanted to continue my attempt to purchase a 20th Anniversary PS4.

Convinced the email was a hoax, I called up Sony's customer service, fully expecting to be laughed off the phone. Instead the person I spoke to informed me someone at a higher level wanted to make it right and would call me shortly. True to their word, I received a call inside 15 minutes. The caller took my details and placed an order, I received a receipt for a "HIPPOPOTAMUS". The rep explained they were using a code for the order, but couldn't tell me why.


A few days later, my shiny new 20th Anniversary PS4 showed up at my doorstep. Number 9,614 of 12,300 was mine, long after I'd given up hope of getting one. Throughout the whole episode I exercised some probably unhealthy levels of skepticism—until I opened the box I wondered what I'd be getting.

The moral of the story? Be nice to your customer service, they might just go that extra mile for you.

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