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How I Revitalized My Old PS2 Library

The tragic story of the death of my PlayStation 2 first starts with my acquisition of my PS3, back in early 2007. I was an early adopter, and dropped quite a few hundred dollars on a fat PS3. I had 4 USB ports, and media card readers, but more importantly, I had the ability to play PS2 games on my new console. That's when I tossed my old console in a box. Buried alive.

Year went by and my finances began to get tied down by things like schooling and rent, I found it easier to go back and play games on the PS2, because I could find them used for quite cheap. Or I could borrow from friends.


Then, the unspeakable happened. My PS3 decided it would cease to function, and with it, my primary console to play my now massive collection of PS2 games. After searching and searching for my lost PS2, I finally found it. But it too had suffered the same cruel fate. I now had almost a hundred games, completely unusable.

For months, my collection just sat there. Collecting dust, and taunting me.

Suddenly, I decided to look into emulation. I didn't know much about my options, my experience with emulation is strictly limited to SNES and Genesis games. Those were fairly simple, but I imagined PS2 could potentially be much more complex. So I scoured the internet (well, I googled "PS2 emulators") and I read a couple reviews. I decided to go with PCS2X, and promptly downloaded it.

I watched a tutorial video that help me set up the configuration (although it's pretty much ready to go from the start). The greatest thing with this emulator is that you can run games from your drive, and you can burn them to an ISO image and run from your HDD. The first game that I decided to test with was Katamari Damacy. The emulator worked like a dream… No… Better than that. I was able to up the resolution of the game, and it was like I was playing an HD remaster of Katamary Damacy that I would expect to see run for $40-$60 in my local Walmart.


I think that the PS2 emulator is the greatest way to revitalize a stale collection for a console two generations ago. If anyone has some old games just lying about, or even if they have a PS2 in working order, but wouldn't mind checking out a higher-res version of their games, then this is an excellent option.

Anyone who's emulated themselves, please share your experience in the comments. Also feel free to ask about my current set up if you have any questions trying to get yourself up and running with PCS2X.

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