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How is TAY: doing follow up

Hey TAY it me again. Have no fear Novi is here the Unofficial Bear Pant’s Doctor Life monitor of TAY. I have the test results back and things are okay I guess.

Here is the First Question:


So according to the graphics the chart Tay is in the majority Kind of Bueno.. 35% says it is indeed bueno and 17 percent says its not bueno.

At least 50 percent of respondents would tell their friends and family about TAY. 30% are on the maybe and the rest say no they would not tell their riends and family about TAY :C

64% of people remember TAY BOTS The rest did not here they are its a blast from the past. These were from a long time user invading duck.


Most of TAY is of the Male Gender the reset are Female, Mecha, or prefer not to say. Not really surprised there I am sure that’s skewed a bit.

On the topic of do you even I have to say the form got an uneven number of responses so even the form could not even. 52 could even but the rest could not from the respondents answers.


In regards to the Mascot of TAY and no it is still not me. 8 of the 17 answers knew of the legend of the great tale of Shardik the man bear.

I can see why you may have been confused. Shardik has been Missing in Action after the dust settled from the last quiz bowl. Note the differences between our avatars.


Keep on trucking Grizz wherever you are.

In regards to puns only 1 person said yes to them,then we had a perfect 47.1 split on NO and it depends. Please bear with me we are almost to the end.


For the survey itself 76% of respondents enjoyed it. the other 24 percent said my survey could go die in a fire for all they are.

So yeah TAY is probably fine. Things often quiet down in holiday season. The summer posters are gone. People are back in school. Life in general happens to us all. TAY will be fine until the next Kinjapocalypse that is. This was Novi and I apologize for my awful spelling and grammar I tried to re-read this one to check but I know it still has issues. Until next time cya later TAYters.

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