I'm really feeling it!

Hi folks it’s your resident bear. I was informed Spring has sprung. So I thought I would check in with you all. I have a simple prompt for any and all who are willing enough to respond.

How is your day going today?

For me they are going awful. I had planned to wake up, work out, trim my hair, take a shower, eat breakfast, and apply for more jobs. Then after that was done maybe a few chores then relax with internet or video games.


What has transpired was like this. Me mum God bless her woke me up complaining about cats. Cats knocked over the new litter box and tracked litter all over with poo and pee bits mixed in. So already I didn’t get the sleep I wanted. However I vacuum up the cat mess. Little did I know this would trigger my asthma. So no workout is happening now.

Just to make sure I did some of my list though I trimmed my hair and showered after the asthma flare subsided. Then I finally ate breakfast. Which was an Apple fritter, a glass of vanilla almond milk. Followed by a baked potato with cheese with done steamed carrots and a glass of ice tea. I’m stuffed it was good. Oh and don’t worry I didn’t eat all of that in one sitting. The fritter and milk were just to calm the rumbling tummy till the potato baked to perfection. NOW I NAP!

So I have to ask again. How is your day going TAY?

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