So, a while ago, someone popped up, wrote about indie games, had some cool things to say, and I can't for the life of me remember who he was. But he disappeared, which made me kinda sad. Collaboration, to me, is one of the coolest things. This year's been pretty tough, too: people in my life died, got married, moved, graduated, and a whole other assortment of things. Life's only just now starting to calm down.

Over in our Team Orphan Meat chat, I started discussing with some friends—including a guy who does development right now, and a guy who just got hired to start, as well as a friend who's teaching himself modeling—about a possible indie game project. My current job sucks, if only because it's not the thing I feel I was born to do. I'd love to work on an indie game, to be able to devote all my non-film-student time to making games.

So we got to talking, things started looking interesting, and yeah. This might end up being a thing. We might begin work on a game and release it as a Kickstarter project, or an alpha funded model, or something similar. No super solid plans yet, but we're starting to toy around with things.

Anyways, are you interested in game development, collaborating with other people? Have any skills? Have any skills that aren't 'writing,' 'design,' or 'voice acting'? They're good skills to have, but everyone claims to have them, y'know? Programming, modeling, animation, mapping, sound design, scripting, and stuff like that's a bit more useful. Also, seriously looking for an artist who can do character design to get the modelers I do know started, as well as help figure out how to implement really attractive color use within a project.

Heck, are you working on a game right now and just want to show us your stuff? That's always cool too.