Hey, so, first-off, I guess this advanced posting thing is kinda interesting/neat to use. (like for instance, I just figured out how to have only this paragraph show up on the preview-y version)

But, is there anything planned for an in-depth guide on how to use/do all this stuff, for the uninitiated at least? Like, with this article on Jalopnik, how would I be able to do that thing where there's an mini-dialog of an article on the side? We were told "You now have all the same tools at your disposal that we have at ours." after all, so I'm assuming this is possible somehow.

Actually, maybe just a big how-to for Kinja overall would do. Yeeeaaaah, maybe with FAQs and everything so people can quickly get to-a postin' and stuff. (also, for testing reasons, a duck:


EDIT: OK, see, this is what I meant. I had no idea it could do that by itself. (also, it's kinda annoying that small images get really enlarged (you see it too, right? Right?!?))