When it comes to purchasing new, old or used games how much do you expect to get out of a game?

If I can roll my bones out of bed early enough on a Saturday or Sunday I can pay my way into a newly released movie for a mear five dollars. That means I get two hours of entertainment for five dollars. Obviously if I went to a later showing it would cost me almost double that, but because I'm a tight wad I judge entertainment by that standard.

So, when I'm purchasing a video game I think to myself, "Are you going to get 2 solid hours of play for every five dollars you're putting into this game?" If they answer is "yes" then I go ahead and buy the game. Let's take a look at the newly released Animal Crossing: New Leaf.


The game, which I downloaded from the eShop, cost me $35 (plus tax). Using my ultra sonic math skills I can deduce that I should get a nice 14 hours of gameplay out of this title. Seeing as I've already put in an unhealthy 30 hours I'd say my purchase was well worth the payment. This is, of course, my way of justifying if a game was worth the price. It seems to work nicely for me. In comparison, games costing $60 need to yield at least 24 hours of entertaining gameplay to make the cut, but 99 cent games only have to hold my attention for 24 minutes to be deemed worthy.

How much time do you think you should get out of game? Is it based on price or the type of game? Maybe you just buy what you want and don't give a darn about any of this! You rebel you.