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How Rainbow Six Siege Invokes The "Hardline Effect"

“Sure its a fantastic game but in my opinion its the worst Rainbow Six ever so I probably wont buy it when it comes out,” is just one of the many ridiculous statements I heard about the fantastic game that is Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege is not a true Rainbow Six game. Rather than playing in the using a third-person and using a cover system, Siege uses the first person in a way similar to Call of Duty meets Counter Strike. It mixes tactical teamwork with precision combat that requires a focus and situational awareness like no other game has before.


So why do so many people hate it? Besides the Beta’s technical issues, the game has no egregious issues so theres no logical issue for people to dislike it. The real reason people dislike the game: The Name.

Battlefield Hardline had the exact same issue. Hardline is a pretty good game with a great campaign, but the game is extremely unpopular, especially on PC where the amount of players is less than a tenth of those playing Battlefield 4.

People hated Hardline, and now Siege because they are comparing it to games that it is not similar to in any way.

Rainbow Six Siege does not have the exact same formula of the previous titles. The last title in the Rainbow Six series was Rainbow Six Vegas 2, a third person cover shooter which had a focus on tactical combat. Rainbow Six Siege changes on of the biggest elements of the previous game; the perspective.


When people equate a game to something completely different, unfair comparisons are made. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was a fairly fast paced shooter which allowed for players to work on their own, whereas Siege is a much slower game, requiring well thought out strategies the whole team has to work towards.

Hardline has this same problem. Battlefield is normally a military first person shooter which focuses on land, ariel, and water combat. Hardline not only eliminates water combat almost completely, it diminishes the power of land and ariel units. There are no attack choppers, and there are no tanks, despite an asset for a tank existing from the single player experience.


Because Hardline and Siege have the titles of unrelated games attached to it, players are going to look down on it significantly for doing the forbidden:


Many studies have shown that gamers don’t want new and improved games, they want the same thing over and over with a graphical upgrade and a gimmick no one will care about a few days after release. This is why the Call of Duty franchise has just kept selling more and more games, rather than dying off and becoming a niche shooter.


If someone were to give me an, and tell me its an apple, I’d be pretty pissed if I bit into it and it was actually a tomato.

This is what I call the “Hardline effect” where someone plays a game expecting something completely different, and is bothered that the game is not what they expected. Battlefield Hardline had this same effect, and the same is happening to Siege.


This is why Battlefield Hardline and Rainbow Six Siege shouldn’t be part of another franchise. They should just be called Hardline and Siege.

They are not the games they are being compared to, and that is what leads to their eventual


Edit: A lot of people are pointing out that Rainbow Six was originally a fps, but the last good fps in the rainbow six series was over a decade ago so I dont think many people remember it for those games, especially since only half of them were good. I wrote this to point out how people see Siege as a sequel to the Vegas series, and not the originals.

THE NEXT PERSON TO QUOTE “RAINBOW SIX SIEGE IS NOT A TRUE RAINBOW SIX GAME” THEN ARGUE HOW IM WRONG IS GONNA BE IGNORED. People keep reading that sentence then skip to the comment section to say exactly what I said in the article, and clarified in the edit. If you’re not gonna read the article I’m not gonna read your comment.


Second Edit: No more replying to comments its like neogaf in here hot damn

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