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How the GrUInch Stole Another Open Forum

Were you expecting Holiday Cheers from Zarnyx? Yes? Don't expect any for I am the Gruinch who once more stole the TAY Open Forum for Christmas. Okay, last year, I stole it for Christmas Eve but this year, you better watch out, I won't make that same mistake twice!!! I'm going to steal the Open Forum before most of you wake up!


So, shhhhhh, no talking.

Despite my best efforts, the denizen of TAYville still talks amongst themselves. But how could this be? I took away the open forum and told everyone shhh!

Perhaps I can't silence everyone and TAY is a place for TAYvians to talk. So just for today, I'll return the Open Forum to TAY.

Happy Holidays!*

*Except Battleborn for being a snitch.

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