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How those Amazing Ukiyo-e Heroes Prints are Made

The trained Tokyo woodblock printmaker, David Bull, reveals in great detail how he crafts each print in the Ukiyo-e Heroes series. From block of wood to finished print, it's a video demonstration not to be missed.

In collaboration with the original artist, Jed Henry, David Bull is using his decades of training in centuries-old Japanese printmaking to make faithful reproductions of Jed Henry's Ukiyo-e style illustrations based off of classic Japanese game culture. This intricate process draws a beautiful connection between ancient Japanese art and the Japanese art of today.


Having already run a successful Kickstarter to get these traditional prints made, people interested in purchasing digital or hand-made versions of the prints can now go to their online store here: https://www.ukiyoeheroes.com/

There you can also look at many more examples of Jed Henry's work, which cover a wide array of characters, from Pokemon to Street Fighter.

Popular examples of their available woodblock prints include:

"Fox Moon" (Star Fox)


"Infestation" (Metroid)


"Flight of Fantasy" (Final Fantasy) - Not currently available as a traditional print.


"Soul Eater" (Kirby) - Which was just finished recently, as shown in the above video.


Each finished woodblock print has a video demonstrating how it was made, and as with the linked video, you may find them similarly compelling. Particularly if you are a fan of the series it is honoring. You can find more of David Bull's woodblock videos here: http://www.youtube.com/user/seseragis…

And if you're interested in more from the original artist, Jed Henry, you can follow him at his tumblr and on Twitter.


Truly remarkable work. It is a joy to see traditional techniques used with such care to craft memorable works of art based on modern gaming icons.

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