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Like me, you've probably spent your life hopelessly trying to prove your gamer status to anyone that will listen. You've read the best-sellers such as, "The First 1,000 Excruciating Steps Towards Being a Gamer," and "How to Be the Gamer the Universe Will Finally Accept." Yet, negative thinking and low self-esteem hound you endlessly. It seems like no matter how hard you try, you will never earn the coveted status: GAMER.

It's time to stop over thinking the issue, and give your wrecked nerves a well deserved break. Meeting the criteria for being a gamer is actually easier than you think!


1. Have a strong-to-fierce interest in video games.

You like video games. You rent or buy video games when your budget allows. You play video games when you have the time and energy. Sometimes, you lurk in video game forums and maybe even post. You could be more devoted to your hobby like Triforce Johnson, but it's totally fine if you're not.

2. Video games are meaningful to you.

There is a special little place in your heart for video games. Maybe they help you cope with depression, or they make you feel some deeeeeep feels. They could be a family affair or just challenging, and fun. Video games enrich, rather than impoverish, your life significantly.


Do yourself a favor: set aside your insecurities, ignore the nay-sayers, and grab your iDevice, controller, mouse and keyboard, virtual reality headsets-of-the-future and enjoy your video games. You're a GAMER and you've been one all along. Even if you don't think you meet the criteria, we, gamers, are an inclusive, passionate, meaning-making bunch. Don't mind the trolls. We're happy to have you!


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