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How to Burn Time While Waiting For the Pokémon Direct

The Pokemon Direct starts in roughly 150 minutes, the excitement is so big that some of us have been up since 4AM. Well at least I’ve been up since 4AM. Not exactly because I’m excited for the plausible news about a new title in the series tho, but more because I hate myself...

And yet (El Mariachi), no matter what I did I couldn’t get some extra snooze time. So I did what any person with a small ounce of logical reasoning would do... I came up with a list of things to do to burn the time away in these trying times...


1. Binge-watch shows

There’s never too much Bruce <3

I tried this one as soon as I opened up my eyes. I usually watch shows to go back to sleep, but there are instances when the shows are so freaking good that is kind of impossible to achieve that. Burn Notice is one of those shows. I started watching it when a friend of mine recommended it to me three weeks ago. I burned through the first season in three days...

I blame Bruce Campbell. He’s so dreamy!

2. Harass your friends

One of my friends shares the name with that Harvest Moon hippie

Look... it’s Pokémon, the third word in my vocabulary I love the most, right after food and love (in that order). Plus those donks are my old sparring partners in the game, the fact that they are my oldest friends automatically gives them a free ride on the harassment train!

3. Desperately refresh your Twitter feed in search for something to read

Worse than hitting F5...

It happens... You wake up early in the morning and to pass up the time until everyone else wakes up you look for something interesting to read. The plan is to follow people in other time zones, although European people can be a bit on the boring side and sadly I cannot read Japanese (yet).

4. Check Facebook to spy on other people’s lives

The ultimate time waster and relationship wrecker. Zuckerberg, you nefarious genius!

Nope... I’m not that desperate.

5. Listen to Music

Nope not that music... gotta calm yourself down, not hype yourself up!

Ahhh... much better.

*sings and dances to the tune*

It’s been one hundred years
Since Dracula made his move
He’s back, he’s ready, Coming soon!
Dracula you better beware, your time is due
Cause Sim(m)on is coming after you!


6. Play games that are not relevant to Pokémon but pretend they are

I gotta collect ‘em all!

Sometimes it is good to just let off some of that pressurized hype steam. Shooting people in Miami is a nice way to do so. Don’t worry we won’t judge you, after all this is the cradle of Florida Man.

7. Write an inconsequential post like this one

Sorry not sorry

No seriously... I am not. But if you didn’t like my options there are some other alternatives like: eating all the foods, going on a date with a lovely blonde lady, doing household chores, baking a cake, folding clothes, buy some malk at the grocery store cause you seriously need that Vitamin R intake, go walk in the alligator-infested park, etc.

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