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How To Catch Mew In Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow (3DS or Original)

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Pokémon, the portable game that captured our hearts. Pun very much intended. But what of Mew? The legendary Pokémon had players trying to push a hidden truck for years. Turns out you can catch Mew after all, be it in your new 3DS version or your old GameBoy cartridge. Here’s how.

It should be noted that you must do this on your first playthrough of the game. You can’t fly back and try it after you’re already past Cerulean City. Sorry if you’re already further than that. Time to reset your save file I guess!



1. Once you enter Cerulean City (after walking out of the pile of Zubats that is Mt. Moon) you need to head for Nugget bridge to the north. Make sure you use the Pokémon Center, and you can grab some supplies if you need from the mart (you’re gonna need Pokéballs for later). You’re also going to want an empty slot in your roster.

2. Go fight all the people on Nugget bridge, including your rival. Beat them and then take a hard left.

3. You’ll see a trainer hanging out in the small strip of grass. Do NOT go too close above or below him. He is important, but we don’t need him yet. Walk to the side of him in the grass (he won’t turn, don’t worry) until you run into a wild Abra. Capture it! You may just have to huck Pokéballs at it until one sticks, because they only have one attack and it’s to teleport away.


Note: You may not be able to find an Abra in Yellow in the same spot. Check Route 5, below Cerulean City, if possible.


4. Once you’ve captured Abra you need to head back up and to your right towards Route 24 (see above). Fight and defeat every trainer EXCEPT THE YOUNGSTER LABELED WITH A FOUR. Go around the bottom so he doesn’t see you.

5. Once you’re done fighting all the other people on Route 24 use Abra to teleport back to the Pokémon center in Cerulean City. Heal them monsters. Now head back up to where that one guy was standing to the left of the bridge in the grass. SAVE THE GAME. This is where it’s easiest to mess up. Go stand diagonal from the corner that juts out above the grassy strip. You’re above the trainer now, but not close enough for him to notice you.


6. Press down followed by start a split second later (nearly at the same time). If you do it right you’ll notice the trainer is looking up at you, but you’ll be on the pause menu. Pick Abra and teleport back to the Pokémon center. As you start to teleport you’ll see an “!” pop up over his head like he sees you and wants to throw down. That’s how you know you did it right. If he sees you before you hit start you’ll need to reset.

7. Back at the Pokémon center head back over the bridge and to the right to Route 24. You’re going to fight that youngster you skipped. Do not approach him directly. You need to walk up to the north most wall and walk along it until he notices you and walks over to battle. Otherwise the game will crash. Defeat Youngster and his level 17 Slowpoke.


7. Option 2: Many folks have been saying that you can just fight the first trainer in the Cerulean Gym instead of Youngster. This is true, though the trainer will have two level 16 Pokemon instead of one level 17. But it can be done this way way as well.

8. As soon as the battle is over teleport back to the Pokémon center. Walk back to the bridge and start walking across it.


9. The game will automatically pause as you make your way across the bridge. Unpause it and... tah dah! You should be fighting Mew. He’s level 7 and his only move is pound. If you kill him then reset your game and do steps 5-9 again. He’s pretty weak, so be careful.

There you have it! You now have a Mew! One of, if not the, most sought-after gen one Pokémon.


Believe me. It works.


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Original Mew glitch guide found on Reddit. Warning: More colorful language.

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