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How to Die: A Tale of Uri's Failure

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Being a person who plays a goodly number of different MOBA games I can tell you how to lose a game. The biggest thing you can do to lose is to suck. But the second biggest thing you can do to lose is to have bad teamwork. In fact, sometimes, if you have decent teammates and good teamwork, you can feed over and over and still be able to come out on top.


In the solo or duo queue, it can be really hard to get people to cooperate as a team. You don't know the people, and too often there's people who only speak Russian or Spanish, even in the USA servers. If somebody's sucking butt and ignoring your team as you group to push or gank, then you're basically down a man. Except it gets worse when they start dying because they're out of position and thinking that they can carry the entire team with their own bodies.

This attitude is what loses games.

My tale of failure is of how I'm unable to carry a team. Now, when I say carry, I don't mean the previously stated idea of being so powerful that you can kill the entire team all by yourself without even being touched. I mean what I call a "Social Carry". A Social Carry brings the team together, helps them take objectives, knows when to back off, and knows that you're going to have a few people die in order to get a win.


In non-game life, I can delegate and get people taking care of things. I can be an effective leader. But, it really drains me to do so. When I'm playing a game, I tend not to treat it like I do real life, because I'm trying to play a game. So, I'm not going to spend the energy to be a Social Carry. It makes me tired and makes me take the game way too seriously. So, we tend to have nobody pulling the game together, and we lose.

I get really sick of losing. I have never been a good loser. So, when I fail at carrying the game socially, and we lose, I tend to stop liking playing the game really quick. My failure is that I get really involved playing and have fun, and then I hit a skill bracket where if I don't put the effort into the game to be that Social Carry, then the team fails completely, and I get sick of the game really quickly and stop playing.


Now, I've gotten decently good at DotA 2. I hit the skill level where I'm having fun and I tend to win a lot, but I'm starting to encroach upon that skill-level where I'm getting my face stomped in regularly. Most of those games are when I play with friends who have been playing longer than me, it seems, but I'm also starting to get there on my own.

I'm starting to hate playing, and I don't want that to happen.

But, to step up my game to the next level, then I'd have to go into tryhard mode and get a team of people who are willing to go into tryhard mode with me. Gathering that team is going to press my leadership skills and make me use them in new ways. Playing with that team would take even more different skills than gathering them. And dominating as a team would stretch me to new limits that I haven't faced before.


Am I ready to try and face this next step? Maybe. We'll see as I continue How to Die.

How to Die is a column about playing various MOBA games and Urilikya's experiences with these games. All opinions and such things are all things said by Urilikya and are not necessarily what other people feel or think.

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