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How to Fix Your Bad Game Title With One Easy Trick

There are more games coming out than ever before, and with that there are fewer and fewer good game titles. I get it. Someone already took Warcraft and Battlefield so your stuck with Battlecraft or Warfield or Craftfield. All the good names are taken and you got a sucky name for a game. Well good news, because I have a simple solution that turn your game title from a coattail-riding bore to an instant success!

That secret is...

Celebrity endorsement.

You don’t need an original name, you just need to attach it to an even bigger name. Just grab some celeb out there who wants some quick cash and slap their name on the front! Call of Hearthfall isn’t going to get anyone’s attention, but Gordon Ramsey’s Call of Hearthfall is an instant million-download title.


And here’s the best part: your celebrity endorsement of choice doesn’t have to have anything to do with your game! It might make sense to get Kit Harington’s name on your fantasy epic, but Whoopi Goldberg Presents: Song of WarSong is just as attention-grabbing, maybe even more so. Who wouldn’t be curious about Danny Devito’s StarBattle, Rogue Stone with Sean Connery, or Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson Presents: World of Feardead 3?

See? you don’t need an original name to get attention. You just need to buy someone else’s name to get the attention for you. So before you put WarSword up on Steam Early Access or DarkSpace on the App Store, see if Carrot Top would like to make a little extra cash and slap his name on it. You’ll be glad you did.

Also, can someone please make CageCraft? I’d back that Kickstarter.

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