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How To Get A PS4 For Free

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Let me preface this by saying, there’s no magic button to press, no Big Box to buy, no hoop to jump through once and *poof* PS4! This method will get you a PS4 at a heavy discount but you’re going to need some of that good old fashioned...


Step 1. Patience and Dedication

When I say I got a PS4 for free I mean that I used 0 dollars from my own personal savings or checking account. Money I earned from my work went into a savings account for my house (188 to the bank for first time home buyer’s club (another article entirely for those who want to buy a house) and 800 into savings account). This process will take a while - think 6 to 12 months. If you NEED a PS4 right now and have the money, obviously you wouldn’t be reading this article.


That said, there are several steps that require a bit of a time and effort commitment. How badly do you want that PS4? Are you willing to dedicate around 15 minutes of your day every day to searching the internet from your PC and Mobile? Are you willing to call people and talk to them on the phone and drive to doctor’s offices? If you’re looking for a magic bullet keep looking or skip to Step 7, if you want to find out how to get free money, read on. We’re going to allow 1 year from now and assume all calculations based upon that number (That’s about how much time I spent doing this).

Step 2. Bing and The Long Game

Bing, Microsoft’s pretty crappy search engine, will bribe you to use it.

  1. Sign up for an MS account
  2. Search using Bing. 2 Searches = 1 point up to 15 points a day from your PC and 10 points a day from your mobile phone. These do not need to be real searches. Type A in the search bar, hit enter, type s, hit enter, hit d, hit enter etc. Bing is so desperate for your attention they don’t care if you search for, “ouasd;lfkjsdl;kfjasld;fjawoieru.” Smash away, keyboard warrior.
  3. Accumulate points. Get to gold level before you buy anything as gold level gives you discounts on things you can buy with points.
  4. Assume around 500 points a month realistically. If you’re hyper dedicated you can get more than that but an average person can realistically expect about 500 points a month
  5. Buy a 5$ amazon gift card with that money.

Money earned (5$ a month x 12 months) 60$

PS4 Price: 350 - 60$ = 290$

Step 3. Sell Your Body

You. Yes you. Healthy Young Adult. We need you. For Science! Believe it or not you are in a very good position right now. Well most of you anyway. Medical science is always looking for healthy controls for experiments and will pay you for your blood. Go to your local hospital. Check the elevators, there are usually sheets on them with tabs to rip off. These sheets change regularly but you can rip any of them, call the number and ask to be placed on a list of willing participants. When a study comes up that you are eligible for they will call you.



  • If you’re not eligible, call the study anyway. They may be conducting other studies now, or in the future that you will be eligible for.
  • Unfortunately, the money that studies pay out is not in a lump sum. The upshot of this is that sometimes they will pay you just for the entrance interview. In this way, even though I wasn’t able to be isolated for 15 days, I still made 50$ just for going to an interview about a flu vaccine study. My mother made 200$ by getting her nose swabbed every other week for 6 months. They paid it out in 10-20$ increments.
  • Always go for the blood donations over any longer term studies. Doing long term studies will disqualify you from doing other smaller studies and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to stay until the end anyway. Blood draws are quick, easy, and usually pay 30$ a pop or so. They also don’t disqualify you (usually) from doing other studies in a few weeks.

Money Earned

Personally: 50$ but you have the potential to make much more

PS4 Price: (290$ - 50$) = 240$

Step 4. Money, the Gift That Keeps On Giving

Real easy. Birthday and Christmas ask for cash or Amazon.com gift cards. It’s shameless, but money towards a PS4, which is what you really want is a better gift than a sweater anyway. WHO NEEDS ALL THESE SOCKS AND UNDERWEAR MOM? GOD.


Money Earned

Personally: 100$

PS4 Price: (240$- 100$) = 140$

Step 5. Put Your Money To Work For You

Sign up for an Amazon.com Rewards card. Any purchase you make on amazon gives you 3% back. Gas and groceries give you 2% back. Every other purchase is 1% back. Other cards may have better rates of cash back. Look into the rewards program of your credit card. Then?


Put everything on your credit card. Everything. The key here, and it’s VITALLY IMPORTANT IF YOU DONT WANT TO SCREW YOUR CREDIT SCORE:


This is a risky way to live life, but hey. I like to live on the edge. Again though, your credit score is MAJORLY affected by the balance you carry (ie. don’t pay off each month) from month to month. Although it is beneficial to be using some of your credit (I believe under 20%), carrying a huge percentage of available credit as balance is very very bad. Do not forget to pay off your credit card.


Money Earned: 140$

PS4 Price (140$ - 140$) = 0$

Step 6. Where I Admit A Lie and Sell Things I Found For Free

I didn’t do the Bing rewards. I just found out about it when Win 10 launched. Woops! So really I have 60$ unaccounted for and here’s how I made up that money. We went bowling one night and outside the bowling alley we saw a fish tank with a sign on it that read, “FREE.” Not having any pride, we grabbed it. I ended up selling it for 80$ after I cleaned it up a bit.


Now, obviously I’m not advocating trolling bowling alleys for free fish tanks. But, frequently you can put in a little bit of effort (Craigslist “Free” section comes to mind) and find things free and then sell them. Alternatively, everyone and I mean EVERYONE has things they own that they don’t use. Part with them in a judicious, money making fashion. It’s easier than ever to sell things online or on Craigslist. Just be careful that if you sell on Craigslist that you never deliver anything unless it’s to a safe middle ground (ie. McDonald’s parking lot or something) and to always have someone home with you with their fingers on the 911 keys if someone is coming to pick something up. I’ve never had an issue ever, but as the man in the church in L4D2 said, “Better safe than sorry grararrraggg.”

Optional Step 7. Eat a LOT of Taco Bell

If you buy a Big Box at Taco Bell you can text the code on the box to a phone number. Don’t do this. Your odds of winning are worse than your odds of an emergency stomach pump/years of your life being stripped away by delicious incandescent cheese like sauce. If you are already buying tons of Taco Bell it may be worthwhile to switch to eating Red Dorito Taco-y things. Maybe. I don’t know man it’s your life. I won’t judge.


I hope that this has inspired some people to try and get themselves a PS4. You can always join the TAY community there or stick around these here parts to make some PSN friends. My PSN is Slavitkus if you want to spam me with XXX PS4 Vegetable Porn. Otherwise maybe we can get a game of Rocket League going :D

Edit: Sahroo, a two time PS4 winner, gives this advice

The codes themselves aren’t tied to a prize. it’s more like you and every one else are throwing darts at a target that only exists every few minutes. Whoever his it first wins, so wait till every one else is asleep to increase your odds.

(If you’re curious about my time of winning entries, more or less 1am pst last year and 4am pst this year)


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