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Planetside 2 can devour your computer’s processor and graphics card at times, making the game unplayable.

In Planetside 2 Potato Mode™ you can boost your frames by as much as thirty frames! When you’re running on a moderately high system like mine (i7 and gtx 970) getting 30 frames on low settings is really frustrating, but some .ini changes can fix that!


Step 1: Find your Planetside 2 folder

Your planetside 2 folder can be found by going to your disk drive — then Program files (x86) — then to your steam folder — then to “steamapps” — then “common” — Then Planetside 2

Step 2: Open “UserOptions” in any text editor (notepad works)


Step 3: Copy my .ini settings


If you want to go FULL POTATO MODE, set your model and texture quality to 1

ALSO, DO NOT SET YOUR RENDER DISTANCE AS LOW AS PEOPLE TELL YOU TO. Lower render distance makes spotting enemy units and vehicles much more difficult, and high render distance will only lower your frames by ~2-3 frames. Low render distance makes being good at planetside much more difficult.


You might notice my render quality is above 100%. The reason for this is that PLANETSIDE IS WEIRD. For some reason, many people have found this EXACT percentage (141%) actually improves framerate. This is great because higher render quality means the game is going to look crisper, and better all around despite being in potato mode™!

Step 4: ????????

Step 5: Play Planetside 2 with better frames!

Step 6: Profit. just kidding, spend 200 dollars on skins and weapons

And dont forget to always have up-to-date graphics drivers!

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