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HOW TO: Stream

Snak, you keep telling everyone to join in and stream with the TAY channel. But how exactly do I stream?

Well concerned TAYtizen worry no more. Here is the guide on how to use Open Broadcaster Soft ware. Since that's the only way I know how [to].

Things you will need.

  • PC (because I don't think it works on Mac, sorry all 5 of you)
  • Twitch account ( for stream key)
  • OBS

For this guide I'll be using OBS version0.624 which is the latest version from when this post goes up.


First off go into SETTINGS so we can get things rolling.

Under the GENERAL section

  • Create a name for the profile. This will help if you have multiple stream keys. (personal and TAY channel)

Encoding- Video

  • Check: Use CBR and Enable CBR padding

    Use Encoder x264

    Recommended Bitrate for Video settings. (Resolutions you want to stream at)

    1080p: 3000-3500
    720p: 1800-2500
    480p: 900-1200
    360p: 600-800

    240p: Up to 500


  • It's recommended to use AAC with a bitrate of 64-128.

Broadcast Settings

  • MODE: set it to to Live Stream
  • Streaming Service: Set to Twitch
  • Stream Key: If you have Twitch account you should find it under DASHBOARD on the Stream Key tab. (If you are part of the TAY channel then you already have this)
  • Set Auto Connect on and the Timeout to 10
  • Keep Minimize Network Impact off unless you have network troubles.
  • If you want to SAVE your video set a path you want to have your videos saved to.
  • Set universal button commands to start /stop stream and recordings if you want. ( It helps to have hot keys when you are streaming and don't want to get out of the game to start or stop the stream.)


  • Video Adapter: Set it to the video card that use.
  • Base Resolution: Set this to whatever resolution your monitor is or just select the monitor you want to use.
  • Resolution Downscale: Set this to the resolution you want to stream at(what people watching will see). Higher resolution will impact bandwidth and processing power.
  • FPS: Set it to how many frames per second you want to stream at.


  • Desktop Audio Device: Set to default. This will choose whatever device you are currently have as your. . . default device.
  • Microphone Audio Device: Set this to default also. Just like Default audio device. This one is for what microphone you are using (this goes for the 5 non-mutes of TAY)
  • Force Microphone to Mono: NEVER turn this on. I have no idea why you would turn this on. But it will make your microphone into your audio device. Which means people watching will only hear your mic(I had a problem with this when it first became and option and it was automatically turned on)
  • Set the hotkeys if you want them. You don't have to change anything else unless you want to mess around with the settings.


You dont have to change anything from this setting. Just have it like the picture and you're fine.


Microphone Noise Gate

You can leave these setting alone also.


Finally, once you have these settings done you can save them.

Now you will set up the source you will stream from.

Under SCENES right click and select ADD SCENE.


Then under SOURCES right click and select GAME CAPTURE.


Game Capture will select what program you want to have as the source you want to use.


Now you are ready to Stream.

By hitting the START STREAMING button


Leave comments or questions and I'll answer them as soon as I get home.

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