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How to Stream to TAY Youtube Gaming and TAY Twitch

So you’ve probably seen the 20 posts with Aikage trying to get you to do stuff on our new community Youtube channel. This is a guide to help you figure out how to stream there, or anywhere else really.

First off, you are going to need OBS (Open Broadcasting Software).


It turns out that the version does matter. I’ve heard from multiple people that they’ve had issues with the 32-bit version. If you have a processor that can do 64-bit (if you bought your computer within the last 7 years, it should be 64-bit) I would go for that version.


First off, go to profiles and create a new one. Name it what you like and then go to settings. You’ll see the following screen:

Keep everything at their default settings on the general page!



Now here’s where you need to think a bit. First of all, these are my settings. I have a i7-4790K and a GTX970, and if you have similar hardware I would suggest just copying my settings. If you have a fairly recent Nvidia card but an old processor I would suggest first trying out x264 and then trying NVENC and compare your performance. x264 will give you a better quality stream but it is very CPU intensive. NVENC runs on your GPU but by most accounts the quality isn’t as good.

I would also recommend going here and having OBS tell you what it recommends for your system specs/internet speed.


Broadcast Settings


Alright, now if you want the stream key for the TAY Twitch/Youtube, ask Aikage or me (quiddity) in Discord and we’ll give you the key you need to stream to Youtube or Twitch. If you are streaming to your own channel, you can find the key on Twitch here:


And on Youtube Gaming:


I would suggest just copying all my other settings here. If you don’t have a lot of disk space uncheck “Automatically save stream to file”. These videos generally take up a LOT of space (30 mins of video at 1080p recording will likely be more than 1GB, double if you are doing 60fps), so make sure you choose a path that has enough.

Also note, on Twitch they modify their VODs on their site based on the audio they hear. So if you play your own music while you stream, they will likely have sections that are muted. If you want to ensure that your videos will not be messed with (so you can upload them other places) make sure you save your video to disk.


Video Settings


Select your card and resolution here. If you have multiple monitors, select what monitor you want to stream from. Now another note here, Twitch only supports 1080p at 30fps, so if you plan to stream there that’s what you should choose. Youtube supports upto 60fps at both 720p and 1080p but of course only if your system/internet will support it.

Audio Settings


Here select your audio device and your microphone if you plan on talking to your stream.

Alright now we are almost done!

Game Capture


Now right click in the white area under sources and add a source by clicking on Game Capture. A text box will pop up, put in the game name of the game you want to capture and you will get the following screen:


Now select the game/application you want to stream. The game/application MUST be running in order for it show up on this list. You can start up the game and hit refresh to have it show up. Click OK and there’s one last thing to do....


Click on Start Streaming and you are good to go! Note that when you are streaming you will automatically start recording as well. Now the cool thing about Game Capture (compared to Monitor capture) is that it will only stream your game. If you alt tab out of the game your stream will just show a black screen so you don’t have to worry about revealing any personal information. Things like Steam pop up notifications for messages will also not show up on your stream. The downside is that if you want to switch games you have to add it to your sources manually like I described above.

Another note, I’ve heard that some games (I’ve heard this about Neverwinter Nights in particular) require you to run OBS in admin mode. So that’s something you may need to do if you see a game not working.


Anyway, that’s it! If you need someone to help see if things are working, come on down to Discord!


And the TAY Youtube channel can be found here:

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