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I'm really feeling it!
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How To Turn A Lynx Into a GameCube: The GC-Lynx

There are so many talented folks out there making cool custom modifications on consoles I should be used to it by now, however I can't but feel astonished from time to time when something like this comes along:

Specifics from Akira:

  • Case made out of an Atari Lynx 2 console, shape preserved as much as possible
  • Retro GameCube blue/purple look paint job with glossy finish
  • GameCube pal motherboard inside
  • Very silent IBM fan, heavily modified for optimal airflow
  • All original Nintendo controls and sticks
  • Full analog trigger (L and R buttons)
  • 4.3 Inch widescreen VGA Screen 480 x 272 Resolution
  • Original Nintendo Component video chip wired to produce VGA out
  • Shielded Composite video wire to reduce interference.
  • Wiikey Fusion modchip flashed with Swiss Autoboot firmware
  • 6400 mAH batteries, 3 hours gameplay
  • Battery Indicator with 5 leds to see how much power is left
  • 128 MB Memorycard soldered directly onto the motherboard (GameCube slot-A)
  • SD Gecko adapter to run homebrew and emulators through Swiss (GameCube slot-B)
  • Stereo sound speakers, Used 2x iPhone 4 speakers for very clear sound
  • Switching Stereo headphone jack
  • Analog volume control
  • Video controls to access display menu and switch between AV (composite) and VGA Display
  • System can play from wall socket while being charged (comes with charger and power adapter
  • Weight about 700 gram
  • Size (w) 235mm x (h)114mm x (d)50mm or 9.25"(w) x 4.5"(h) x 2"(d)
  • Comes with 1 x 64GB SD card for GameCube games (wasp fusion slot) and 1 x 32GB for Homebrew, Games and Emulators (GameCube Slot-B)

That's just insane. And after two years, he got himself a one-of-a-kind amazing portable system!

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