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How to Unlock Characters, Stages and More in Pokkén Tournament

In your quest to become the very best (like no one ever was) in Pokkén Tournament you’ll find plenty to unlock. Here’s a handy guide to put it all in perspective.

If you’re looking for a guide of items for your trainer, many are unlocked by lucky bonuses after matches. You can also use amiibo (up to five a day) to unlock random items for your trainer. There is not a set order they can be unlocked in, so you just have to keep playing and you’ll unlock them all. Title for your trainer can be unlocked by completing the specific task specified. All are listed in the game.


Ferrum Leagues

Blue League - Complete Green League

Red League - Complete Blue League

Chroma League - Complete Red League

Iron League - Complete Iron League

Playable Pokémon


Mewtwo - Beat Red League Promotion Test. Defeat Shadow Mewtwo in a single round match. Defeat three special trainers (the game will lead you to them) and then defeat Shadow Mewtwo again in a two round match (you cannot lose the first round). If at any point you lose you can just try again immediately.

Shadow Mewtwo - Compete Chroma League

Support Pokémon


Espeon and Umbreon - Complete Green League

Cubone and Diglett - Complete Green League

Jirachi and Whimsicott - Complete Green League

Croagunk and Sylveon - Complete Green League

Reshiram and Cresselia - Complete Blue League

Pachirisu and Magikarp - Complete Blue League

Mismagius and Ninetales - Complete Blue League

Rotom and Togekiss - Complete Blue League

Magneton and Quagsire - Complete Red League

Farfech’d and Electrode - Complete Red League

Dragonite and Victini - Complete Red League

Yveltal and Latios - Complete Chroma League

Cheer Skills

Synergy Focused - Complete Green League

Pressure Focused - Complete Green League

Support Focused - Complete Blue League

Special - Complete Red League

Whimsical - Complete Chroma League

Nia Outfits


Downtime 1 - Complete Green League

Sporty - Complete Green League

Downtime 2 - Complete Blue League

Downtime 3 - Complete Red League

Dress - Complete Red League

Halloween Costume - Complete Chroma League

Santa Costume - Complete Iron League

Battle Stages


Note: The stages list is a work in progress. Unlocked stages are not announced by the game.

Diggersby Land

Teller Town (Autumn)

Ferrum Dojo

Training Gym

Old Ferrum (Winter)

Haunted House

Mystery Carnival

Neo City (Night)

Regi Ruins

Magikarp Festival

Dragon’s Nest - Complete Chroma League

Dark Colosseum - Complete Chroma League

Dark Colosseum (Final) - Complete Chroma League

Blue Dome - Complete Chroma League

If you’d like to add to the list or correct a mistake feel free to leave a comment below.


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