I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

EDIT: All my keys are gone, but there should still be more in the comments.


I have some brilliant news. I recently acquired the new Humble Indie Bundle 12, mostly for the physical goods that came with it. As such, I am sitting on a pile of keys for games that I already have. If anyone would like to receive one of these keys, comment below and let me know which game you want. This is obviously a first come, first served deal, so act fast.


The keys being given away are:

SteamWorld Dig (claimed)

Gunpoint (claimed)

Gone Home (claimed)

Papers, Please (claimed)


Prison Architect (claimed)

So act friends. If I need more info from you, i.e. we need to be Steam friends or I need to enter an email address, I'll follow up.


EDIT: OK guys, the Steam Key gift is a link. If you want me to just post the link in your comment, I can do that. If not, I can email them to you.

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