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Hunting for Gold: Update

March 19

Approximately 12:30 - Arrive at Walmart and inquire about Gold Mario Amiibo (As per news that some locations were breaking release date). No employee knows of the Gold Mario Amiibo, though they inform me that:

a. They put out their stock in the electronics department at about 5:30.

b. There is a box from Nintendo marked to be put out on the 24th of March.

March 20

6:43 - Arrive at local Walmart, see no Gold Mario Amiibo on shelves or displayed. There isn't a space made on shelves for either game or Amiibo so I assume they haven't been put out.


6:43 - Me and a fellow Gold Hunter inquire a Walmart employee about Gold Mario Amiibo.

6:45 - No Gold Mario Amiibo or Mario Party 10 With Gold Mario Amiibo can be found.

6:46 - Told to wait for department manager (Arriving at 7:00) as she might know the whereabouts of the Gold Mario Amiibo.

6:50 - Head to McDonalds for some CinnaMelts. Purchase two (2) CinnaMelts. No Drink. Proceed to sit in the parking lot.


7:04 - After consuming delicious CinnaMelts, I reenter Walmart and wait for the arrival of the Electronics Department manager. The fellow Gold Hunter is still waiting.

7:12 - Inquire Electronics Department manager about Gold Mario Amiibo. She seems disinterested in my First-World need for the Gold Mario Amiibo. She leaves to the warehouse to check for Gold Mario Amiibo.


7:24 - Electronics Department manager returns to say she could not find any Gold Mario Amiibo.

7:25 - Me and fellow Gold Hunter begin to describe how we expected them as the Walmart website displays "In Stock" as well as citing the release date as March 20th.


7:25 - Electronics Department manager is as unhelpful as ever. I depart for a short day at work.

9:55 - I leave my work after a very short day. In hopes of some good fortune, I return to my local Walmart. Still no Gold Mario Amiibo.


10:11 - I call a nearby Walmart to inquire about Gold Mario Amiibo availability. None are available at this location.

10:13 - I call another nearby Walmart to inquire about Gold Mario availability. Employee puts me on hold to check. Asks me to call back in ten (10) minutes.


10:29 - I call back, but am greeted by a different employee. She informs me that they only received four (4) of the Gold Mario Amiibo and all were sold when they were put on shelves.

10:33 - I call yet another nearby Walmart to inquire about Gold Mario availability. Employee informs me that they haven't received any Gold Mario Amiibo since I called this morning(?). I did not call this morning.


10:33 - I return home, without my desired Gold Mario Amiibo. I will reattempt on this mysterious "March 24th" date.

March 21

12:49 - Purchase a Gold Mario Amiibo on eBay for an amount I am embarrassed to admit to.


March 23

7:15 - After some casual research I discover a local Walmart has Gold Mario Amiibo available for purchase. I attempt to purchase online for in-store pickup. I learn that if there is a availability threshold that limits in-store pickup purchases if under a certain amount.


March 24

5:40 - I wake up early to adventure to the local Walmart and purchase my own Gold Mario Amiibo, first making a call to ensure it's availability.


7:04 - I have purchased my own Gold Mario Amiibo. Mission accomplished.

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