Hype is building up as more and more info regarding the latest, and arguably most nontraditional, addition to the Zelda series will soon be rolling out. We know of a few characters: the obvious mainstays are there like Link, Zelda, and even Impa. We know some other characters are somehow being dragged in via time-portal-dimensional-vortex, like Midna. Famitsu has now recently revealed a little bit more info regarding the title. According to Famitsu, Hyrule Warriors will feature the bug fanatic Agatha as a playable character. We will also see Zant make an appearance, probably reprising his role as villian. Also, apparently Zelda is not a princess, but a queen!

With all of this new info on character roles and inclusion, its fun to speculate who else the development team can bring into the mix. The roster seems to have a hefty female line up, including a new female character named Lana. The Zelda series has a huge list of female supporting characters, so I don't think we will be want for well written and (non-sexually) presented females. Important male characters, though, are few and far between aside from Link. I can honestly only think of Groose from Skyward Sword as a male character that made a difference. There are some fantastic and interesting villains to take advantage of also. I personally loved both Ghirahim and Zant. Being able to cross blades with them again would be a pleasure.

So what do you think? Which other good-guys (that aren't Link) should/might show up? What Zelda bosses and baddies would you want to see? Will we see Tetra show up in all her cel-shaded pirate bad-ass glory? What Ganondorf is best Ganondorf?