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Hyrule Warriors Revolutions

Another new DLC pack has arrived to freshen up the already impressive amount of content available for Hyrule Warriors. Is the "Twilight Pack" worthy of your rupees? Let's find out.

Going Postal

One of the new costumes is the rather amusing Hyrule Postal Service Uniform for Link. Somehow fighting with the Hero of Time dressed up as a postal worker is just epic. But don't take my word for it, take my video instead.


Ilia An The Rod of Ruin

You might remember Ilia as the daughter of Mayor Bo of Ordon Village, early in Twilight Princess epic adventure. This new costume turns Princess Zelda into Ilia, a rather nice transformation in my opinion.But the real deal maker here is the new weapon, The Dominion Rod. This thing is insanely powerful and a very welcome addition to Zelda's arsenal. Video proof? Right here.

The True Princess of Twilight

If you name your DLC pack " Twilight Princess", you can expect to have said Princess in the playable roster. And Nintendo / Koei delivered big time here. Midna in her true Twili form brings The Twilight Mirror to battle to devastating results. Please enjoy over half an hour of pure Midna madness.


Congratulations me, that was my 2222nd video @ YouTube. That's not a typo by the way, that is two freaking thousand, two hundred and twenty two videos made by yours truly. I need a life!


Back on topic, the DLC also includes an all new Adventure Mode map set in the Twilight Realm and exploring it will reward you with costumes and awesome 8-bit pixel weapons for everybody. That's right, YOU get a pixel weapon, YOU get a pixel weapon... EVERYBODY GETS A PIXEL WEAPON!

Thanks for stop playing Super Smash Brothers For Wii U long enough to read up this arTAYcle. Hope you buy it, it's good stuff in my humble opinion.

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