I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Hey every it me again Novi. I was made awares of an idle tappy game that featured cats in an ever growing cat tree that can only be sen as a Cat Condo with as big as it gets. I was originally tipped off from the Mike Fahey over at Kotaku in regards to this. Link here in case you want to check that out.


However I managed to beat the game without spending a dime on any upgrades. i just idled, occasionally watched an advertisement or two to double the money I made while not playing and fused cats in between breaks at work. It took me a bit over a month but I did it here is a look at all the cats.

By the way this post isn’t Sponsored but you can go download the game for free on iOS and Android I believe. If you need something besides Neko Atsume and countless other cat games to play I would pick it up for another catty distraction. That’s all from me though I can delete this from my phone now because I desperate need all the space I can get with everything else constantly updating and getting bigger and what not.

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