I'm really feeling it!

So for the first time in lo these many years I bought a Nintendo thing!

Even though once upon a time my Duck Hunt game was preeeety on point, and I once got in trouble at school for playing Kirby on Game Boy instead of socializing with actual human children (true story), I haven’t purchased a Nintendo product since that first-gen DS that I’m sure is buried in a drawer somewhere. I played a ton of Lego Batman, had a decent time as I recall, and never felt compelled to give my hard-earned money to Nintendo again.


What can I say? As a primarily PC/PlayStation gamer I cultivated a certain appreciation of games that pushed the boundaries, both in terms of gameplay and content and in taking advantage of ever-evolving graphical capabilities. Compared to what developers were putting forward on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, Nintendo always seemed to be resting on its laurels. Graphics? Who cares. Original content not involving one of our beloved stable of characters? Fuck it, these fanboys will buy whatever. Perhaps most egregiously, Nintendo has more or less tenaciously clung to the “kid-friendly” rep. Which, fine, I get that. I understand the rationale, but as an adult who has absolutely no problem with a healthy dose of sex and violence in my games it just seemed as time went on that Nintendo was no longer for me.

And yet there I was at a GameStop within fifteen minutes of opening, fixated on securing one of their two 3DS Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer bundles.


ME. Organizing my morning around buying a 3DS. It’s like I don’t even know who I am anymore.


Maybe it was the peer pressure. Maybe it was the fact that at this particular juncture in my life I’d gladly revel in being able to immerse myself in something simple and wholesome. Maybe it was the interchangeable face plates. I’m .... pretty sure a big part of it is those interchangeable plates because I’m a sicko for that sort of thing. Whatever the case I’m back on board, Nintendo - for the moment at least. Knowing my attention span I can’t guarantee you won’t join Lego Batman in a drawer at some point. But in the meantime, let’s cross some animals and hunt some monsters, huh?!

(Also, can we please just take a hot second to rap about how hideous the two sets of face plates included with the bundle are?? Seriously, if anyone wants them as collectibles or something just let me know, god knows I won’t be using them :3 )


Nicole T (street name: Barkspawn) lives in California and is enjoying Monster Hunter to the fullest while still retaining a healthy dose of skepticism. You can find her on Twitter@ser_barkspawn, contact her here, and read more of her articles here.


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