I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Specifically, I can’t stop listening to one particular track...

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So someone posted up a spoiler-ish track that was found in the demo files on Youtube. While it originally got taken down, it’s since popped back up and is still online as of this posting (hell, I’ll admit it, I’m listening to it now).

It’s the Final Boss Battle theme.

Note that there are no indications of who or what the final boss is, it’s just pure euphoria music. If you care to take a listen to it, just hit play.

This music is phenomenal.

The start has the drum work and strings that bring the adrenaline to a forefront, with a choir backing to emphasize some of the notes. The battle is underway and things are moving at a quick pace.


There’s a shift at 39 seconds in as the vocals get stronger, the battle is getting more intense. It’s quickly apparent this is a life or death situation.

And then 50 seconds in, the main vocals come on with an operatic element. It swells to the beautiful highs of opera as the backing music continues, rousing our heroes’ spirit to rise up to the challenge. Fight on Travelers!


Then at 1:35, the vocals stop as the music continues. It brings forth elements of joy, of the tide of battle turning, there’s a chance, an opening! The operatic vocals return and the music rises to the occasion, before it plummets back down to have the drums become more audible once more. The battle is not over. It’s only just started.

Fight on Travelers.


I don’t know if the game will live up to the expectations I have in my head (they’re pretty low expectations to be honest, I just want to have an engaging story and a fun time) but the excitement for the release has only livened up as the release date comes closer. With the final boss battle theme being leaked, it’s done nothing but increase the hype. I’m definitely picking up the track off iTunes when it comes out.

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