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Official Artwork for Book III
Image: YouTube

So while the rest of the world is busy playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Nintendo pushed out version 3.0 of Fire Emblem Heroes earlier this month. Okay, so I’ve also been busy with the new Smash, but I’m putting it down briefly to talk about my other recent obsession.

Actually, before I say too much, I’m going to steal a recommendation from Polygon and just tell you to watch this even if you’ve never played Fire Emblem Heroes or have even the slightest bit of interest in the series. Fair warning, you might want to put your headphones on.

The new opening for Fire Emblem Heroes: Book III is metal AF and I can’t stop listening to it. While the series is no stranger to rock and even some metal variations of its music outside of the main series (including the excellent soundtrack of Fire Emblem Warriors), this is the first time the series has gone full death metal complete with lyrics.


Its death motif doesn’t stop there. In continuing with the Norse theme, the latest chapter introduces new enemies in the form of Hel, the goddess of death. While the story has suffered from some rather weak writing and very little character development of our protagonists (the first two chapters of Book III don’t inspire much confidence IMO), the brief intro suggests this arc will at least have some major consequences for our central protagonists and we will be getting a little more insight on the history of the Askr and Embla kingdoms. Given we are now entering the land of the dead, we might be seeing a few familiar faces as well....

The original teaser for Book III.
Image: Serenes Forest

Unfortunately, Nintendo has not released a longer version, if one exists. Should one be published in the near future, I’ll definitely be adding it to my playlist. Now, when are we getting this added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

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