I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Illustration for article titled I cant stop wanting to play this game.

And I think I know why.

The reason is probably because I don't understand a single thing I am trying to accomplish in this game. It's so convoluted and the game systems are pretty unique that I think it's making me nostalgia hardcore back to when I first started wow.


It's that rare chance in an mmo, where everything is new, and fresh, and for once I don't know all the details about something months before it launched. The sense of wonderment and excitement every time you log on and experience something new.

I doubt this game will hold my attention long term, but for the time being all I've been thinking about this past week is how much I want to sit down and play it.

So here I am, with my senior capstone project completed, sitting down for the night, to explore more of this unknown territory.

Right now I'm going by Imhullu on the RedPhoenix server, feel free to add me in game. I might possibly remake, or just make a second account to try out another school later on this week. I'm a royal guard now, which at the time reading their description sounded like they we're the good guys, but turns out they are actually bad guys. I just picked it cuz they got the cool rope weapons.

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