I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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It’s been about 15 years since I last played Final Fantasy VII. I picked it up on the Nintendo Switch recently and found myself consistently surprised by little things I had forgotten: a conversation, specifics of some bigger plot twist that I did remember, mini-events, etc.

If you had asked me prior to re-tell the story of FFVII I would have said that I remembered all the big stuff: the Golden Saucer, the airship, Midgar, the Temple of the Ancients, snowboarding, Weapon, all that weird brothel stuff, Shinra tower, Fort Condor, Nibelheim, etc. You get the point. I may have forgotten a lot of specifics but all the major areas and plot points were there.


Or so I thought. For some reason my brain had totally forgotten the submarine. I had completely forgotten that the underwater area of the world existed. I didn’t remember any of it! In a way it was awesome - it was totally unexpected and having this other part of the game to explore is really exciting. I probably feel how I felt the first time I played the game and found the submarine, years ago. But that’s just a guess, because I can’t remember.

The brain is a funny thing. Final Fantasy VII is a huuuuge game. I’m pretty sure I remember all the big stuff for the rest of the game, but I’m kinda hoping there’s some other huge surprise in store for me.

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