I'm really feeling it!

I Cried. Oh lawdy, I Cried.

Let me share a secret with ya'll; I get emotional with my entertainment. I can't watch Forest Gump (my favorite movie) without shedding at least one tear. Ditto for The Green Mile, and most things Tom Hanks is in. Oddly enough I don't cry over books, but games? Those are truly magical.

*SPOILERS FOR ASSASSIN'S CREED 4, AND MINOR SPOILER FOR DISHONORED. For those of you who don't read, it's okay. I just ramble about feels.*


I love this medium so damn much, just as you all do. It's amazing how powerful this medium truly is! You get this feeling of control that just isn't possible anywhere else. You get to be what you want, when you want. Games... man, I can't gush enough about them. Honestly? I'm just pretty amazed by the ending of Assassin's Creed 4, and I'm amazed at the kind of impact it's had on me.

See, when you beat the game, you are introduced to your daughter. The one that you unknowingly left behind along with your wife. She walks off the ship, you hand her some flowers, and you can see just how much the moment means to Edward Kenway. You then sail with her while the credits roll, and what follows is a touching discussion between the two. A discussion about her mother, about Edward leaving her, about the difference between "ships" and "boats". "Boats" being the things you play with in the tub.

Now notice how I only used his name twice. When I play good games, I like to feel that I'm the person that I'm controlling. Sure, the developers have already made your choices for you, but I really did like playing the game as if I was a legendary pirate. As if it was me who was with Blackbeard as we each fought for our lives. If we were to follow this perspective, then you might imagine how much this ending impacted me.


After the ending I decided I didn't want to be a pirate. It's something I really, really, really wanted during the game - hell, I wore the "Edward the Legend" outfit constantly - but after that, I didn't want it. The entire game I was waiting for Caroline to make some kind of appearance, but it turns out she dies after giving birth to your first child. I didn't want her to have a pirate of a dad. I didn't want Captain Kenway to be known as Edward the Legend, regardless of the story ending right there.

Am I being silly? I like to think so, but until some time passes it's going to be hard for me to go back and play the game again.


This is why I think games are just so damn amazing. Not only did the game make me feel something great, but it changed my mind. It didn't push me back to the title screen and ask me to reload a previous save to do more open-world stuff, instead it dropped me at the Great Inagua and offered me a chance to keep going. I couldn't. This exact thing was what happened after beating Journey the first time; I couldn't play it again. I didn't want to ruin this nearly-perfect experience I had with a total stranger.

This isn't restricted to the ending of games either. I was pretty savage and killed everyone when anyone took Ellie from me in The Last of Us. After seeing a drawing of myself from Emily in Dishonored, I couldn't bring myself kill anyone anymore and at the end of all of those games, I cried. It wasn't a shower of tears, but I did. Because all of those games were so beautiful and so, so sad.


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