Why did I do this?

I logged into Twitch to try and Watch Snak Play L4D2 with the Night of Gaming Crew. He was having sound and audio issues though. I could see the game band hear him but not hear everyone else in the game. So it got me thinking How about I try it out!?

What I used

I logged into Twitch already to chat with Snak. So I look at the how to get started thingies picked some software. I selected Open Broadcast Software then followed Twitches preferred settings guide. Found my channel Key then made a new scene and started capturing. I did not get the chance to test my microphone and its capture.

What I need to improve

It was clear from Botcher's feedback that the FPS was Poop. That's expected as I am running an older machine with no designated GPU it's all integrated up in here and so just think of it like this I have an older quad core so imagine I got four people working on a project normally they can handle me playing a game but then When I tell them to Run my game oh and then Capture the video and Audio while you're at it and stream it to the internet! This workers are old and they have not gotten sharper over the years.


What I learned

If I want to do this in the future with as little issue as possible I need to upgrade my hardware. Get a better space that has less distractions so I am not arguing with family in the middle of stream and other things.

Now I ask you cool fools in your metaphorical swimming pools

Would you all watch me stream stuff?