I don’t think anyone will buy Overwatch on Brazil.

Hint: The prices are absurd.

Just two hours ago I decided to open my battle.net account, a friend of mine had just said “Did you see how much is Overwatch right now?”, to which I replied “No, gonna take a look now”.


Long story short: The game is about 160 BRL which, as of now, translates to about 42 USD.

Seems about right, don’t it? Well, for me, and many other Brazilian players it’s not. And this is not something only Blizzard does, Bethesda is selling fallout 4 for 230 BRL (61 USD), so what am I complaining about?

We don’t have money for this, we really don’t, we’re living a crysis, some of our people can’t pay their rent, their debts and everything else, and many of us will, undoubtly, turn to piracy, and, as much as I love supporting the devs that make such wonderful games, sometimes we can’t pay the price.

We all know that they need to make money, nobody, including myself, live without it, but with this kind of prices they’ll sell much less and have a smaller profit than selling it at lower, acessible prices, this would give them a smaller profit, but with more games being sold it would be beneficial for their them, and we would be able to buy and enjoy the game and not torrent it.