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I Don't Think I'm Doing It Right...

This is kind of piggy backing off of DamsonRhee's own post about things we insert into games and how we play them. So I've been playing Final Fantasy VI for the first time ever on my GBA SP and I do have to say it's fantastic. But it's just felt wrong on such a tiny screen so I finally got fed up and dug out my Gamecube with the Game Boy Player and set out to fix this injustice. Now I got it running on my nice 40 inch TV.

But I realize, I only want to use my Gamecube for it's GB Player and not Gamecube games. I got my Mario Edition Wii hooked up via component cables and that's what I use for Gamecube games since finding the Nintendo brand component cables for Gamecube is going to cost me over a hundred dollars.


Pictured: Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Mario Red Wii

Also, I got my backwards compatible PS3 hooked up but I've really only been using it to play PS and PS2 games like Legend of Dragoon and Kingdom Hearts and for Ad Hoc party for Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. Hell, my PSP is being used for PSOne classics mostly now too when I'm not home playing on the PS3.

My point in all of this? I have some weird gaming habits TAY.

Note: That is actually my own Gamecube and a friends I duct taped together for a Wii joke. For those that don't get the joke, here you go (Alas I couldn't find the Kotaku article).

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