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My roommate has an unnatural love of spicy food. So when we went to our favorite Indian restaurant last night, it was no surprise to me that she said extra hot when the waitress asked for level of spice.


The waitress responded with a gleeful, “I get to hit the fire button today! I never get to do that!”

If you look above you can see the > Fire written under my roommate’s order of Chicken Tikka Masala. We have eaten at this restaurant many times. Every time she says she wants it hot. They have never hit the fire button before.

The owner of the establishment knows us. He always comes out to say hello and ask us about different things. We sometimes order off the menu because he has given us stuff that isn’t on the menu before to ask us if we like it. Hence the Aloo Naan up there (it really should be on the menu because it is amazing) being subbed in.

He has known for a long time that she likes spicy food, but has never broken out the fire button before. But last night was different.


I don’t know if you can tell from the picture but that food was absolutely GLOWING red. My roommate started shoveling it down the hatch. She refused to use the yogurt provided to deaden the spice. She is not weak.


Halfway through her first plate, she stopped. She looked up.

“This is hotter than normal. I love this!”

A few minutes later.

“My mouth is burning. I can’t feel my lips... This is soooo good!”


“My mouth is on fire. Half of my throat is on fire. NO I WILL NOT EAT THAT YOGURT!”


But alas, even with Aloo Naan to help stifle the heat. She ended up giving in and eating a little bit of the yogurt to help kill the pain.


That is the look of failure right there. She tried to hide the yogurt on her Naan. She couldn’t make it.

The owner stopped by after that. My roommate told him it was the best she ever had and that she loves it hot. He laughed and said in his amazing Indian accent.


“I can make it as hot as you want.”

I told my roommate that he was clearly testing her. She should really watch out next time she asks for it to be as hot as possible, he might add another dash of the sauce they use and kill her.

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