Today I went to play some Fire Emblem, mostly to check out the past month of DLC that I haven't seen. To do so I had to remove the 3DS Circle Pad Pro and to my surprise, I once again (pretty sure I've had this same revelation on tay before) realized how teeny tiny the 3DS is.

Without the CPP on it my hands do kind of engulf the poor thing, but it's so little and lightweight now, I feel like I could do anything with it. Maybe go for a run or climb a mountain or something. Or maybe just go lounge on the big chair in the front room with the window open... I think I'll do that. ;)

Has anyone played the past 3 dlc packs? How we're they?

I feel like it's definitely time for me to start that Hard mode playthrough, and get myself all excited about the game just like I was back in February!