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To the uninitiated, "Clay Fighter Sculptor's Cut" is a sort of "remix" title of the N64 game of almost the same name. The game has the distinction of being the rarest game ever made for the N64, as it was only made available for rental at local Blockbusters across the country. Both the game and the box sell for hundreds of dollars apiece, with the instruction manual being the rarest piece of the trifecta; As the instruction books went into the plastic rental cases, very few made it out alive.

Coming home for the first time in two years (and for the first time since cataloging my ridiculous Pokemon collection), I was very excited to get another look at my ever aging, always bizarre treasure trove of childhood memorabilia. This time, I happened to find a Sega Game Gear carrier bag, complete with Game Gear, games, and antiquated accessories. Curious, I looked inside the flap to check out what I had kept in there all these years, only to find trifolds, Game Gear manuals, and lo and behold...


Whenever reading articles about this manual, I recall thinking to myself, "Gosh, if only I weren't such a good kid - I ALWAYS returned the manuals."

...apparently I wasn't a good kid at all!

So here's the deal: I thought about keeping it, but ultimately figured someone else would appreciate it far more than myself. As the manual is in well above average condition, I'm hoping to find it a new home. Considering how much these things go for, my auction is starting quite low, so feel free to pass this along to any collectors in your lives!



Alan is a grad student studying the psychology of creativity in southern California. He wrote like seven papers in one month, so this is probably karma or something i dunno.


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