At E3 this year, Quantum Break got many exited about the so called lords of FMV finally releasing a strong hybrid FMV/Game. Many believe falsely that Remedy are the kings of this FMV genre... Bullocks, I say Bullocks!

Now don't get me wrong, Remedy's great and their work with Alan Wake and Max Payne speaks for itself, but I am a man of history and as such I know they the fine folks of Remedy are only the decedents of the King of FMV.... Chris Jones. That's right, Tex F'ing Murphy. Who is Tex Murphy, you ask!? Well like Snoop Dogg said, "You better ask somebody!"

For those you you not aware, the movie above is from a wonderful 1994 Access game entitled Under a Killing Moon (awesome title right?) which was the third installment in the tragically underrated Tex Murphy series. The video is from the opening of that game which is narrated by a man you may have heard of... oh, I don't know, JAMES EARL JONES. The credits also roll with a sweet Lethal Weapon style musical interlude.

If your watching the video, Tex comes in at 3:31 and if you are not immediately smitten with his 40's style detective swagger, than you may need to get your head examined. This was the first video game I played in my life where the interactions between characters actually felt real. I loved the Tex Murphy series and if you did too, then you should be aware of Project Fedora which is a Kickstarter by Big Finish Games that last year raised money for a sequel.


When the new Tex Murphy adventure comes out, then we can celebrate the return of the FMV King.