I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I Guess I'll Talk About Finding Motivation Too

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Guess it’s finally time for me to make a post about this, huh?

Nearly halfway through this event, a lot of us are feeling tired, myself included. And while it sucks when you’re just tired from lack of sleep, it’s still very possible to crank out an article if you’ve got the motivation. Sometimes, I’ve found that the need to get to sleep helps me type faster! But today, even though I’ve gotten a full night’s rest, I feel completely and utterly devoid of motivation to write.


There are a few reasons. I finally got home from going around the country almost for a full month, staying at least one night in five states, visiting seven, and driving through many more. Now that I’m home, I want to relax, and I’m doing plenty of that, but it’s hard for me to get in the mindset of working for a few hours. This of course leads to both procrastination and then just spacing out about what to write, making me more frustrated, and then you’ve got a snowball effect. Plus, Summer Games Done Quick is going on right now, and I keep on getting distracted by that. Finally, I’ve had a bad headache all day. I hate screens so, so much right now.

But you know what? Tomorrow, the day after, or the day after that, I’ll eventually find motivation again, and I might put out something really good. From my experience, you don’t get better by just sitting around and waiting for ideas to come to you. You’ve got to put in the work regardless of motivation, stick to it, and the ideas will come.


But now, I just want to take some advil, drink some water, and go to sleep. Hopefully something I said makes sense, but today seems to be my “I’m tired” post, which is okay, because it’s something. Thanks for sticking with me on this crazy idea, guys and gals. It’s really an honor to get to create so much content together!

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