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I Have A Survey, Ladies And Gents

I have a few questions. Because I have no goddamned idea what to write. So help me figure out how to TAY!!!!!!!! :3

Answer all questions as A, B, or C. A means “yes” or “agree”, B means “I am indifferent or have no opinion on this”, C means “no” or “disagree”.


1. Do you enjoy reading about political topics within gaming, such as social justice, political satire, or parallels between gaming and real-world events?

2. If given a choice, do you prefer read about retro gaming (PS2 or older)?

3. If given a choice, would you rather read about modern gaming (PS3 or newer)?

4. Do you feel that TAY has too many ongoing series or dailies (ie, Graveyard Shift, etc.)?

5. Do you enjoy reading about non-gaming topics within the nerd sphere (anime, sci-fi, comics, etc.)?

6. Are you interested in topics that discuss heavily technical knowledge (ie, the science behind A/V technology, how the Super FX chip works, etc.)?


7. Do you feel that TAY is an inviting place that welcomes a wide range of opinions and viewpoints?

8. Do you feel that the barrier on entry for new authors is too great?

9. If you write a topic that is highly personal, are you okay with having it featured on the main Kotaku page?


10. Are you interested in seeing a TAY podcast?

11. How about a regular livestreaming event?

12. Recall my past writing. Have you generally enjoyed reading my articles? (Be honest.)


Danke Herr TAY.

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