I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I Have Become Everything I Have Ever Hated

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I am not a proud man. I stand before you humbled. Something that I thought I had conquered, something that I thought I had left in the past, has caught up with me and shown me that things have hardly changed at all.


What can I say? I’m weak. There was a sale. I saw something I vaguely wanted, at a price that was impossible to ignore. Now my backlog has grown ever so much larger.

Everyone on TAY loves to talk about their backlogs. What they’re playing, what they’re looking forward to. How they’ll go to purchase a game on Steam only to realize that they’ve owned it, for years.


I gave some advice to someone a few weeks ago, about how to combat the growth of the ever-expanding backlog. I have a system where if I’m about to purchase a game, I ask myself will I play this game tomorrow? If the answer is “no”, then I don’t buy the game. Simple. Clean. Easy to understand, easy to execute.

Until it isn’t. The PlayStation Store is constantly down and a nightmare to manage currently having a sale, and Darksiders is down to two dollars. Now, I already have a copy of Darksiders. It was on PS+ years ago. However, that was for the PS3. The game that’s on sale is Darksiders: Warmastered Edition and I’ll be damned if I’m ever going to play a terrible Zelda/ God of War knockoff and not have it run at 60fps.


It’s one of those games I always meant to finish; I love Mark Hamill, even if he’s giving it about ten percent in this game. I think it might be interesting to play this game in 2018, so far from the game’s release and in such a different sociopolitical climate. There’s always some fun comparisons to be made to then and now. There’s a third game in the series coming which I will likely never play; however, if I ever did play it, I’d need to get through the first two. Darksiders II came to PS+ some time ago, so I’ve got that sitting in my library as well.

I’ve no excuse. I saw “90% off” and added it to my cart so quickly I almost got whiplash. Let me be clear: I don’t even have a TV currently and yet I still sprung for this game. I’m getting married in about a week and barely have time to sit quietly and stare at the wall, much less pour dozens of hours into a brand new old game.


I feel a little silly. But also I justify it to myself by saying that I spent more than that on my afternoon coffee so is it really all that bad? A cappuccino, a video game. It all comes out in the wash.

You’d better believe that the second my wife and I buy a new TV, I’m going to plug in my PS4 and play Bloodborne XCOM 2 Dark Souls Remastered Darksiders: Warmastered Edition. I’ve got to justify this purchase somehow.

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