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I Loved The New Battlefront, But I wont Buy It

The E3 and open betas for Battlefront were a lot of fun, but the game is unfinished and EA has driven the game into the ground with business decisions that have no positive effects on the game.

EA is charging 10 dollars for 2 emotes with the Battlefront Deluxe edition.

10 dollars. For animations. It probably cost 10 dollars to do motion capture for those animations, and yet they’re going to make thousands off that day 1 DLC alone.


The pickups completely wreck the game. Vehicles should always be available to players PRIOR to spawning, as running around searching for pickups detracts from infantry gameplay. If I spend a whole match focused on finding pickups instead of shooting people, I’m going to have less fun. There are so many other problems with the game, but that’s not what this is about.

I don’t mind having to spend more money on a game, I rarely even buy games at full price but I’m never against it.

But if EA thinks they’re allowed to charge 10 dollars for extremely basic animations that we cant even SEE prior to spending money on it, then they can just screw themselves.

The Season Pass is 50 dollars on top of the base game, and we cant even see what we’ll get with the season pass? I’d rather buy 50 lottery tickets at least I know my chances of getting something good out of them.


The game is already missing a campaign, space battles, and a lot of content regarding weapons and vehicles. Charging for content that’s already done (and was probably done in the animation team’s free time while bugs were being fixed) is a scam and nothing more than that.

Battlefront isn’t a scam, EA is. It was the same case with Battlefield 4 and Hardline. Its terrible when you’re rooting for a company to fail, but that means you have to root for a good game to fail.

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