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In any class- or character-based game, every player is going to gravitate towards a certain playstyle. Perhaps you enjoy the waiting game, sitting back and choosing the right moment to strike. Maybe you prefer a war of attrition, choosing robust characters with high survivability. You might even love to be excessively aggressive, prioritizing damage over all other factors. A diverse abundance of decisions go into choosing your primary picks, your “mains.” Here is the reasoning behind a few of mine.

Pharah (Overwatch)

Thanks to this YouTube channel, that somehow has Overwatch highlight intros with no UI

Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m a DPS maining scumbag. I don’t mind playing tanks or healers in Overwatch, but nothing in that game can give you quite the same sense of satisfaction as a well-executed offensive play. Regardless of their role though, I prefer playing high-mobility characters. McCree’s gun might be powerful, punchy, and all-around fun to use, but that comes at the cost of a whole lot of walking to the objective. Also, being outmaneuvered by a nimble Tracer or Genji when playing one of the slower characters creates a unique feeling of jealousy, a mobility envy, if you will. Finally, I find projectile heroes to be much more rewarding than hitscan. Finding the right lead time and predicting your opponent’s movements feels more engaging than pointing and clicking. So when I realized that there was a projectile hero who was damage focused, could easily get anywhere on the map, AND was effective at basically any range? At that moment I became a Pharah main.

Insect Glaive (Monster Hunter)

Image: Monster Hunter Wiki

Weapons in Monster Hunter aren’t technically classes, but they are so distinct and diverse that they might as well be. Greatswords are high-risk high-reward, with careful timing being tantamount at all times. Hunting horns are cumbersome and complicated, but provide the only substantial form of team support in the game. Bowguns are stupid and terrible, and should never be used, ever. Each weapon transforms the game, essentially creating 14 separate combat systems. Only one, however, allows you to fly.

I could talk about how the insect glaive turns every battle into an incredibly tense dance with death, forcing you to match your attack patterns to the monster’s to evade its devastating blows. I could tell you how unique the kinsect mechanic is, and how extract management adds a layer of depth to an already abyssally deep combat system. I could rant about how cool the weapon itself looks, and how it is essentially two bigass spears duct taped together. But I don’t have to discuss any of that. The insect glaive has a move that lets you leap into the air at literally any time, dodging attacks and raining destruction (and justice) from above onto unsuspecting monsters. That’s all I have to say.


Sheik (Super Smash Bros.)


Here comes the tryhard pick. Yes, since Melee, Sheik has been consistently good in every Smash game. Her attacks are lightning fast, she can execute long, inescapable combos, and as of Smash 4 (and probably Smash Ultimate as well) she doesn’t really have any bad moves. No longer tethered to the inferior Zelda, Sheik can devastate most opponents with ease. This is honestly the one I have the least to say about, simply because it’s such a no-brainer. Sheik may not have any obnoxious gimmicks, spectacular projectiles, or crazy powerful moves, but she is consistently good in every area. What more could you ask for?

Those are my main… mains. What are some of yours? Be sure to let me know, and also to tell me how terrible and wrong my picks are. In my experience this is traditional in these sorts of discussions.

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