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I'm really feeling it!
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MGS2: Relearning how to play a video game

I own a PS3 and I recently bought the Metal Gear Solid HD collection. I started playing MGS2 for the first time since it came out way back in 2001, and... holy crap did I suck at replaying this game. Like, suck so bad I died within minutes of being given control. The shame, the horror... 20 year old me would have looked away in embarrassment.

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The first obstacle was that my reliance on hand-holding in-game tutorials made me cocky. I knew there wouldn't be much of a tutorial for an old game, but I wasn't prepared for how the game just kind of throws you in the deep end. This means you have to actually read the manual to get a comprehensive overview. READ FROM PAPER IN THE REAL WORLD!? WHAT!?

Then I have to wrap my head around R1 going into first person view. Wait, L1 doesn't bring up weapon, and R1 doesn't fire? Wait, L1 doesn't do anything at all!? WHAT!?


Basically it's like I had to learn how to play video games all over again. My initial experience was mildly frustrating as I had to rewire my brain to play this game from another era.

I've gotten to the Big Shell chapter of the game and am more comfortable with the controls, although I still hate the camera positioning, and am forced to glance at the map every second. Also not being able to move in first person view is still disorientating.


When was the last time you picked up an old game that made you feel utterly lost and having to re-discover a previous eras mechanics?

Side note: This reminds me of why I found Heavy Rain a pleasurable novelty experience, because despite its horrendous storytelling, I really appreciated how it did fresh things with the controller. Sometimes it's good to mix things up and not rely on conventions.

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