So I was really wanting to decimate my backlog, so I went through almost every game on my 3DS and every game I brought to the motel with me. I'm on a short lunch break, so here are my brief thoughts on each:

Batman: Arkhams Origins: Blackgate - This game fucking sucks. Even on the new 3DS XL, the sprites are too small and everything is too cluttered. Don't play this.

Link's Awakening DX - This game is adorable and I love it. Cute little Zelda game, not too hard, not too convoluted. This is a good one.

Mega Man ZX Advent - I don't understand this game. The easy mode is waaaaay too easy, and the normal mode is just at that frustrating difficulty, though it isn't too unfair. I love it, even if it makes me bash my head against the wall. Amazing game, but christ, they need to balance the difficulty.

Shantae - This is the GBC one. It kinda sucks. It's really slow, and I just don't get any kind of excitement from it. Great animation though.

Azure Striker Gunvolt - Still the best 3DS exclusive. You need need need this.

Star Fox 64 3D - It plays fine, I guess, but I just can't get into flying games. I was really bored with this, and I despise that you can't change controls in-game. Shrug. I only paid $10.


Konami Arcade Collection (DS) - It's only 80's arcade games, nothing that's actually interesting or fun to play. It's cheap shovelware. Pass.

Aliens: Infestation - I love this game, but seriously, the game is too hard at the start. I haven't even seen a xenomorph yet, but I keep dying very easily. Metroid never had this problem. Maybe I can find some cheat codes or something... I really like this game though. Definitely recommend it.

Pokemon X and OR - These games are great. OR is better though, because it has more content.


Kid Icarus: Uprising - Why is there no dual stick control scheme? It's uttterly baffling. It's a great game, but sweet jesus, the hand cramps! Needs an update desperately for dual stick control.

Mario Kart 7 - Online doesn't work anymore. Fuck that noise.

Pushmo - I like it, but it doesn't keep me addicted or interested. I'd rather play Picross DS or something.


Liberation Maiden - Shut up and let me play the game.

Ketzal's Corridors - I like it, but the controls are inorganic and never feel right.

There are others too, but I'm bored of writing now. :3