I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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So I’mma do a first-impressions thing. All impressions are based on the 3DS demo because I’m a shitty pleb.


So basically, I hated Smash Bros for a long time. I tried Melee aaaaages ago for about 5 minutes, and I used to own the N64 one (I got it for free, but sold it for $50 before ever trying it), but tonight was the first time I ever actually tried to, “git gud fgt”, as the kids say these days.

And you know what? I like it. I think in the past, I’ve been turned off by what I consider to be weaker rosters. My fiance and I both agree, after comparing Brawl and SSB4’s rosters, that SSB4 is where it’s at in terms of interesting characters.


The 3DS demo only has five characters (Mario, Villager, Mega Man, Link and Pikachu), and the first two on that list are probably the two least-interesting characters in the game for me, but it’s still good enough to get a feel for what the game plays like.

Basically, from what I could surmise, the game uses hyper-simplified controls with two jump and two attack buttons. Unlike Street Fighter, which requires an infinite amount of patience and unemployment to “git gud fgt”, it doesn’t seem to rely on convoluted NEET-level button inputs to play the game properly. It’s a fun game for a button mashing pleb fgt like me. And I like that. Because life’s too short to study frames.


But basically... What version do you veterans recommend? I don’t have a WiiU, but I do plan on getting one eventually. Do I get the 3DS version for me and my fiance (I have Nuuuuuuuu 3DS XLL Newtype 3D and she has a 2DS), or do I wait until I get a Wii U and hold out for the “premiere” version? Also, is Brawl worth getting (it’s like $30 everywhere)?

Some random thoughts:

- Zero Suit Samus is stupid. “Let’s make a sexualized version of a cool character for the weebs!” Guarantee this Amiibo will never be available in a store. Also, ZSS is the star of the worst part of an otherwise great game (Zero Mission).


- Aside from Ryu, I want all those DLC characters and their Amiibos.

- Does Mewtwo Amiibo unlock Mewtwo, or do you need to buy both?

- I looked at a tier list, and Rosalina is apparently the best while Charizard is the worst. Ew.


- I want Pokken Tournament too.

- More games need Amiibo support. Does a Pokemon game have Amiibo support yet?

- They need to make harder Pokemon games. Like, have GameFreak study the metagame for a while, and make the last Elite Four guy have these crazy EV trained OU beasties. That would rule.


- Or hell, maybe a Pokemon version of Dark Souls... With no gore, obvs.

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