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I'm really feeling it!
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TAY! Weekend!!! Whatcha Playing? (Updated)

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I played the original Darksiders this week and I feel a little guilty loving it.

Doing this on my iPhone and erased quite a bit of writing once already by my fat thumbs. My router is down due to a massive storm here today and maybe it is fried. Sorry for the formatting, it looks dreadful on my end and I'll correct it when I get to an online PC. (edit: Yay! I got my router working...so far so good. I was able to edit this with my PC and a least make it somewhat readable). Title image changed to one of my own screenshots.


I wished I played Darksiders earlier to have added more support to THQ. I really grooved on their last bunch of games I played (Metro 2033 and Saint's Row 3) and before that Deadly Creatures ended up being my favorite Wii game. THQ really had a good sense of games and what is fun, at least for me. It is sad that they aren't around anymore. They certainly made questionable licensed games, but the original IPs were usually pretty good throughout their history. The last few years they really seemed to get in to a good place for picking really good products, uDraw aside, too bad it was too late. I really think that uDraw sunk them.

Darksiders gives me a Soul Reaver vibe and is the God Of War/Zelda mash that reviews spoke of. I love the gameplay and the level design is excellent. The story is fun and the voice acting is very solid. Hamill is almost a little too Joker-like with The Watcher, and that draws me out of the game a bit when he is on, but he is so much fun you can forgive it.


The guilt comes from not supporting the product earlier. I don't hold any illusions that my opinion would have changed anything, but the more buzz a game gets the better it usually does. It seems a lot of people picked it up during the Steam Summer Sale if you look at the support forums (there is a Windows Update that breaks the videos in lots of games and Darksiders is one of them). Makes you wonder if everyone bought it earlier how much better of a place THQ would have been in. I sometimes feel guilty about my scavenger game buying habits by not supporting games earlier.

Also played some Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light with my game-buddy on Tuesday. What and excellent co-op experience that is turning out to be. Highly recommend for those looking for co-op and who haven't play it. I really wish Torchlight II was more like that. I really prefer the 360 controller to a mouse and keyboard in those types of games.


So, what are you playing this weekend? Anyone discover any Steam gems they've been very surprised with?

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