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No doubt, here at TAY we're all a bit enamored with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. In just ten days, I've expanded my house 6 times, finished about 7 public works, and have about 7 different fruits in my town! I've got the new shop on the way, the new shoe store, and a 50% completed museum (well, my art section is barren thanks to Redd the scammer). The garden shop run by the obviously Bob Ross inspired Leif has greatly accelerated my plant growing around town. In short, I'm rather fond of this game and have had more fun playing it than any other game in recent memory. I also have greatly enjoyed meeting Zarnyx, TuT, Frogfro, and a few others in game <3

But in typical Animal Crossing fashion....I want more.

So, I have this crazy idea. We're all after those ever elusive Nintendo items, furniture sets, and countless other things, so why not start a trading forum? Junk to some may be just what someone else is looking for! Right now we'll just stick to the comments, but if someone has a better idea, feel free to set something up.

So right now I'm after the modern, modern wood, and exotic furniture sets. I'm also after any tech-themed items like TV sets, buffet tables, and lights. I've also got a nice, shiny, wearable Majora's Mask that I'm willing to trade for Nintendo items. Talk Amongst Yourselves, start up some trading ideas! Have at you!

EDIT: Also, the sleek series!