I'm really feeling it!

Ever since I heard people start talking about Outer Wilds I knew I had to play it. I love all the types of games it seems to be - adventure, mystery, exploration, puzzle, etc. I have the same feeling about it that I did before playing Return of the Obra Dinn which is now one of my favorite games of all time.

The problem is that I actually have several games I really want to play right now that I haven’t had much time for. As I mentioned in another post, I’ve been exhausted from going out a lot in the heat and I haven’t been getting much gaming done. I just picked up Dragon Quest Builders 2, I’m still playing Final Fantasy VII, still playing Mario Maker 2 regularly, I haven’t yet beaten Wolfenstein 2 which has kinda gone on the back burner, and I started Crosscode which I like but I think I need to play it more for it to really sink in. Not to mention I have a few recent purchases I’ve been really wanting to play including the original Doom for Switch once the online login is patched out, and VA-11 HALL-A. Not to mention a slew of games I really want to play on Xbox Game Pass for PC.


This feels different than the typical backlog pressure. It’s not really a backlog...it’s just all games I want to play right now and I just don’t have the time and am too tired from summer life. I suppose that’s fine but....that itch...to play...is just always there. I’ve been feeling it every day. I think also I am feeling pressure around how many freaking games are still coming out this year that I want to play. That I REALLY want to play.

This is the first time in a while I feel just plain overwhelmed by the sheer number of games I REALLY want to play. I’ve been managing just fine for a while, my PC backlog doesn’t really bother me any more, but looking at the rest of 2019...I’m really going to have to chill out and just play what I play.

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